There are several delivery options available for any order from the Online Shop. In addition, there are a few items that may be delivered on a different schedule. Here is a list of all the different shipping options

We aim to deliver your order instantly. If we are unable to meet this time frame, please allow us 5 to 30 minutes 

If you order a product from our company, you will usually receive an invoice for your order. This document will list the products you ordered, the quantities of each, the prices, and any other relevant details. It is important to keep invoices for your records, in case you need to refer back to them at a later date.

We do provide 100 % valid and genuine license keys. As a guarantee on your software key, you will receive an invoice from us, which serves as proof that you have acquired the product legally. We confirm that we comply with the applicable legal rules and ensure that the conditions for the lawful use of the software are fully met. If you need further details please contact us through our:

    If your product failed to work, please take a screen capture Save your screenshot on your device and then send it to us through  


The order payment is taken off my bank account when the order is processed.

A wishlist is a list of items that a person would like to have.

If you receive the wrong product key you should contact us and let us know about the issue. we send you a replacement product or offer a refund.

It‘s generally not possible to change or cancel an order after it has been placed. However, if you contact customer service, they may be able to help you.

Package tracking is the process of tracking a package from its point of origin to its destination. This can be done via a tracking number, which is typically assigned to a package at the time of shipping. Package tracking can be used to track the location of a package, as well as its delivery status.